About 123Movies4u

123Movies is a free website with years of experience in the field of online streaming. Here you can find a variety of movies and tv shows from all geners and all years, enough quantity to make sure that everybody can find something good to watch on our site. All the content published here is available for free in HD quality without registration or advertising. Today 123Movies4u is one of the most popular streaming website in the world and this has been achieved thanks to the support of our loyal fans.

How everything started

123Movies4u has been created many years ago. Initially, it started just like any other small streaming website from that time and slowly but surely started to grow bigger and bigger by the day. At the beginning it was just our passion for the online streaming but at the moment when we've seen that hundreds of thousands of people are visiting our website every month we knew that it's time to make things more professional and this was the day when we started to make a lot of changes regarding 123Movies4u and improved every aspect of the site.

Why is 123Movies4u the best streaming site

123Movies4u is one of the most appreciated free streaming sites in the world. It is clearly the perfect place where you can watch all your favorite movies in series in good quality without being necessary to create an account or to pay a single penny. We have worked for many years on this website and now we are happy to see that it is number one ranking. You can just take a look on our website and you will easily discover the great quality and the smooth experience that it offers to you but however we have written below a few of the reasons that make 123Movies4u to be the ultimate streaming website.

How to watch

Currently we are using one of the most popular design themes for a streaming site and there are a lot of chances that the majority of visitors already know how to use this platform. First of all, you have to browse through our database and find something good to watch. You can eiher use the search form or the dedicated pages where the movies and series are sorted as Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Favorite or Top IMDb. After you've found what you are looking for, just press the big play button from the middle of the page and the movie will start running automatically without interruptions.

Huge collection of movies and tv series

We know how important is for our visitors to have a large variety of content that they can watch anytime. Our database currently includes around 10.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes which is a huge amount keeping in mind the fact that 123Movies4u is a completely free website that doesn't charge you anything in order to watch movies and shows here. We are using fast loading video players that will start running instantly so you don't have to wait at all, the movie will play without any interruptions or buffering in less than a second.

Well structured website

We have published a really huge database and organizing all of it wasn't easy but we managed to do it. All the movies and series are sorted with many tags such as genres, year, country, network, actors, director and more than will help you find your favorite content easily. All the productions published on 123Movies4u are very well structured with different filters, tags and categories because we wanted to make sure that all our visitors can have the best experience while watching movies and series on our website.

Best quality, no registration

It's 2020 and nobody want to watch a movie or an episode in low quality, especially because today all the devices are coming with Full HD screens or even better. Here on 123Movies4u we are never publishing anything less than HD quality because we respect our visitors. The only exception with a quality less than HD are the latest movies which are available in CAM quality for a few days or weeks until the better version is released. Also, it's important to mention that all our movies and series benefit of suitable English subtitles where it's necessary. All the productions published on 123Movies4u are available for free and there is no need to create an account. You can still register if you want to get some extra features but this is not compulsory.